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AirCaddy Products & Accessories

Model K9100
  • Includes (1) folded triangular corrugated box white or brown #C3855-00, (2) corrugated derailleur guard #C3750-00, (2) long front corner protectors #C3755-00, (1) seat bag #B1250-00, (6) flat ties #B1220-00, (1) fork mount #T3197-00, (1) ground transit plate #T3210, and (1) #B1382-00 5/6mm Allen wrenchs.

    $99.95 MSRP

  • Model K3697 (airplane, train, boat, or bus)
  • The AirCaddy gets another upgrade! This new wheel kit will fit all AirCaddy travel containers, past and present. Installation and removal is now even easier, remove the wheels with just two knobs. The skid plate is lightweight aluminum with stainless steel hardware, and special non-marking wheels. Kit includes tape, wheel straps, and travel bag. Made in USA. Guaranteed for 5 years.

    $49.95 MSRP

  • Model K3702 AirCaddy kraft container (replacement only). $49.95

    Model B1000 Travel bag with shoulder strap 32" X 44". $29.95

    Model B1010 Taxi Bag 41" X 72" with wheel bag. $79.95

    Model T3150 FunnyBike Rear Adjustable support. $49.95

    Model T3154 Tribike/Downhill stem bracket. $29.95

    Model B1012 Extra wheel bag. $14.95

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